Veronte Vision
  • Real time video processing.
  • Fully integrated within Veronte Autopilots.
  • Linux OS with support for custom applications.
  • Compatible with multiple camera configurations.
  • Embedded WIFI and composite video output, NTSC/PAL.
  • 1GHz Dual Core Digital Media Processor, DSP, 512Mb RAM
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Veronte Vision is one of the most powerful computers for video applications, in its size.

The ARM architecture and the embedded DSP provides the board with unique features for real time computer vision.

Video Processing

The dedicated DSP in Veronte Vision gives the system real time video processing capabilities.

Veronte Vision integrates Linux OS, being compatible with a wide range of video applications. Some common uses:

Video Stabilization

Frame to frame correction for reducing blurring, produced by camera motion during the capture.

Object Tracking

The tracking software module automatically sets gimbal position for target follow.

Moving Target Detection

This feature permits to distinguish between background and moving objects for target identification.

Video Compression

Embedded video compression for real time video streaming and onboard recording.

Video Enhancement

Video settings can be edited for adjusting the image to environmental conditions during the operation.

Multi Camera Video

When using multiple cameras at the same time, output video can be configured for combined display and optimal visualization.

Custom Developments

The system permits to integer custom and third party Linux applications for compliance with specific requirements.

Veronte Vision
Microprocessor Texas Instruments DM3730 1GHz (ARM: A8, DSP: C6)
RAM 512 MB
OS Linux Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK) for DM3730 from TI
Memory 16 Gb Ultra microSDHC
I/O options USB OTG, CSI2 (2 or 3 CH), BT-656 input video, LVDS (BT-656), I2C
Size 70 x 37 x 13 mm
Weight 25 g
Pl Las Atalayas, C/ Chelín, 16, 03114
Alicante (España) | +34 965 115 421