Trainer T-Velocity

Trainer T-Velocity
4,895.0021% Tax Excl.
  • Ready to fly
  • High speed trainer
  • Designed for aerial target operators
  • Flying wing configuration
  • Up to 320 Km/h
  • Onboard Veronte Autopilot included


Veronte T-Velocity has been designed for aerial target training, permitting to reach speeds up to 320 Km/h. The structure is made of wood, providing to the aircraft with the needed resistance for reaching high speeds.

The aircraft is powered by a glow engine that has the perfect light weight – high power equilibrium. This platform permits both; hand and catapult launch and supports belly landing.

Training platforms include basic Veronte Autopilot configuration, Veronte for control station is not included. RPAS operation is only recommended under the supervision of an experienced operator. Make sure that you have permitted to fly in your area prior to purchasing the system.

Don't forget to include a Veronte for control station, click here.

Autopilot Veronte Autopilot
Configuration Flying wing
Control Surfaces 2x Flaperon
Power 8.3 cc glow engine
Takeoff Catapult or hand launch
Landing Belly landing
Propeller 10x6
Wingspan 930 mm (no detachable)
Length 830 mm
Weight 2Kg
4,895.0021% Tax Excl.

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