Trainer T-Mentor

Trainer T-Mentor
3,795.0021% Tax Excl.
  • High wing UAV trainer
  • Ready to fly with detachable wings
  • Ailerons, rudder & elevator
  • Runway take off
  • Detachable wings
  • Embedded Veronte Autopilot


Veronte T-Mentor is a fixed-wing EPO foam trainer  for RPAS operator training. This platform is the best choice for introduction to UAV control. Its structure is compatible with minor damages, permitting to perform a large number of flights and supporting small damages occured during the early training stages.

Powered by a high power brushless motor, T-Mentor can operate in adverse weather conditions and carry severe maneuvers. This highly versatile platform is the first choice for most UAV operators on their initiation to the unmanned aircraft control.

The system includes a Veronte Autopilot for aircraft control, preconfigured for the fully autonomus control of the aircraft. This system permits to perform fully automatic missions from takeoff to landing, following a predefined path during flight, editable on real time during the operation.

Training platforms include basic Veronte Autopilot configuration; Veronte for control station is not included. RPAS operation is only recommended under the supervision of an experienced operator. Make sure that you have permitted to fly in your area prior to purchasing the system.

Don't forget to include a Veronte for control station, click here.

Autopilot Veronte Autopilot
Configuration Fixed wing
Control Surfaces 2x Aileron, 1x Rudder, 1x Elevator
Power Himax C 4220-0510 brushless motor
Battery 5Sx5000Ah, 3Sx2200Ah
Takeoff Runway
Landing Landing strip
Propeller 17x4
Wingspan 1630mm(detachable)
Length 1170mm
Weight 2,2Kg
3,795.0021% Tax Excl.

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