Trainer T-Funjet

Trainer T-Funjet
4,195.0021% Tax Excl.
  • High speed electric aircraft
  • Training platform for high speed UAV control
  • Dual-axis control (aileron / elevator) plus throttle
  • Relatively low wing loading for docility at low speed
  • Robust airframe survives quite hard landings
  • Onboard Veronte Autopilot included


T-Funjet is a high speed electric aircraft for unmanned system operator training. This platform accelerates to more than 200 km/hr with a high precision control. The high density foam used for the structure gives the aircraft with the needed resistance needed for withstanding high speed flights.

This light weight system has been designed for high speed applications UAV operator training such as target drones or tactical surveillance aircrafts.

Training platforms include basic Veronte Autopilot configuration, Veronte for control station is not included. RPAS operation is only recommended under the supervision of an experienced operator. Make sure that you have permitted to fly in your area prior to purchasing the system.

Don't forget to include a Veronte for control station, click here.

Wingspan 783 mm
Min. all-up weight 875 g
Overall length 750 mm
Total surface area 14.5 dm2
Wing loading 60 g / dm2
4,195.0021% Tax Excl.

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