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  • Brushless motor controller
  • Support for certification
  • Encoder and hall sensor input
  • PWM ,CAN and RS-232 control
  • Configurable for redundant systems



Veronte ESC is a high performance control system for brushless motors. Developed with high reliability, aerospace qualified components, performs brushless motor control with a high degree of accuracy.

This version has been developed for 40A continuous current performance, bearing current peaks up to 100A, being the choice for light systems requiring for a high reliability solution.

These systems are mainly used in critical systems such as: unmanned aircraft (UAVs, RPAS), ground vehicles (UGVs), robotics, surface vehicles (USVs)… where there is no room for failure.


The system controls both torque and speed for all brushless motors by using the current generated by the counter electromotive force. For improving system accuracy, it also permits the integration of both hall and encoder type sensors.

Veronte ESC can be controlled in both directions with position measurement feedback for precision applications.

Input & Output

It is one of the most versatile brushless motor controllers available on the market by permitting multiple control inputs: PWM, RS-232, CAN.... It enables system redundant configurations for critical systems.

Veronte ESC includes a configuration panel, being possible to custom set ESC performance up to PID level, adjusting and creating control modes in order to fulfill system requirements.


Veronte ESC is developed with high reliability aerospace components for compliance with most strict aerospace regulations. Certification documentation pack is also available (MTBF, critical path, DO254, DO178 / ED-12, ...).

System Integration

Veronte ESC is fully compatible with motors and control systems available in the market. Being highly recommended the integration with Veronte Autopilot for getting the best of this high performance equipment.

Custom developments are also possible in order to fulfill system requirements, applying this technology for advanced performance: voltage range, DCDC integration, custom interface, on demand sensors...

Control PWM, CAN, RS-232
Communication port CAN, RS-232
Output variables Current sensor, speed, torque, temperature, electromotive force
Input sensor Hall sensor , encoder, analog input
Operation frequency 1 KHz
Motor type Brushless (sensored or sensorless)
Voltage 11.1 - 22.2 V (3 - 6S)
Max continuous current 40A
Peak current 100A (60μs)
Maximum speed 12 000 RPM (6 poles motor)
Direction Reversible
Brake Regenerative brake
Protections Low voltage cut-off / over-heat / throttle signal loss / over-voltage (up to 36V)
Redundancy Configurable for redundant systems
LED Colour LED for status check
Size 70 x 39 x 19 mm
Weight 60 gr
495.0021% Tax Excl.
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