Veronte Tracker

Veronte Tracker

Price as configured: 4490 21% Excl. Tax:

  • Pan and tilt precise positioning.
  • Interchangeable & detachable tripod.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Embedded precision encoders.
  • Compatible with patch and parabolic antennas.


Long Range Communications

Veronte Tracker is a high performance tracking antenna specifically designed for most demanding applications. The system can install any directional antenna for maximizing system operation capabilities. Embedded control actuators and installed encoders permits to automatically point the antenna with unique precision. Height and orientation given to the antenna makes the device perfect for long range operations. Suitable for: UAVs, UASs, RPASs, UGVs, USVs and any other moving system.

Flexible Configurations

System design has been focused to develop a highly flexible product compatible with custom configurations. The platform is prepared to install different kind of antennas for video and data-link communications. Patch and parabolic grid antennas can be used within the system for best operation performance. Tripod is also interchangeable and custom tripods can be adapted.


Detachable in three parts for easy transportation and storage. Tripod is fully detachable. Unscrew the antenna so the motion platform can be stored itself. Custom carrying case can be provided within the system for easy transport.

Veronte Autopilot Integration

Tracking antenna is fully compatible with Veronte Autopilot for moving target trail. It makes the device perfect for long range video and telemetry communications. Plug and play system, connect Veronte Tracker to the control station and activate the tracking module in order to get the best performance of the system. Assisted manual control is also available from the joystick or from Veronte Pipe.

Veronte Tracker
Power Input 7 - 36 V
Control 2 x PWM
Communications antenna 868 MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz & others / Patch or parabolic grid
Movement Pan: 360º / Tilt 100º
Speed Pan: 8-9s 380º / Tilt: 3-4s 180º
Size (w/o Antenna) 980 mm folded - 1970 mm extended
Weight (w/o Antenna) 7,2 Kg
Tracking antenna motion platform and tripod   €4,490.00

Price as configured: 4490 21% Excl. Tax:

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