Veronte Gimbal

Veronte Gimbal Black Veronte Gimbal Black Veronte Gimbal Black Veronte Gimbal Red Veronte Gimbal Red Veronte Gimbal - 3D model Veronte Gimbal - 3D model Veronte Gimbal - 3D model
  • Small and light compact gimbal
  • HD visible video and thermal video capture
  • 12x optical zoom
  • 5 Thermal lenses option available. Man detection up to 1Km , up to 3Km for vehicles
  • Fully compatible with Veronte Vision

Veronte Gimbal is a high performance system specially designed for UAVs / RPAs applications. This light weight camera system is perfect for obtaining high quality images from your platform.

Constructed in ABS plastic with pan and tilt motor control. Dual EO/IR sensor configuration permits you to have electro-optical and infrared cameras in the smallest combo gimbal in the market. Its thermal camera permits to detect a man up to 1 Km and vehicles up to 3 Km. The high definition (HD) camera with 12x optical zoom is perfect for surveillance applications.

This camera system is fully compatible with Veronte autopilots, permitting to obtain the best results from its video functionalities: Gimbal stabilization and pointing, target tracking, video stabilization...

There are different configurations available, being compatible with different client requirements. It is possible to select between: thermal, visible or combo cameras. Red and black colors available, other on request.

Visible Camera
Resolution 1280 x 720
Optical Zoom 12x (144x with digital zoom)
Angle of View 53.4º (wide) to 2.9º (tele end)
Thermal Camera
Focal Length 13 mm 14 mm 17 mm 19 mm 35 mm
Fields of View 24º x 19º 23º x 18º 19º x 15º 16º x 13º 9.3º x 7.1º
Min. focus 15 cm 20 cm 5 cm 30 cm 2 m
Resolution 336 x 256
Pixel Size 17 um
Spectral Band 7.5 - 13.5 um
FPS 9 - 50
Size 100 x 132 x R55 mm
Movement 360º vertical, 180º horizontal
Weight 650 gr aprox.
Material Black ABS
Pl Las Atalayas, C/ Chelín, 16, 03114
Alicante (España) | +34 965 115 421