Veronte HCS Suitcase

Veronte HCS Suitcase
  • Fully integrated control station
  • Veronte for control station inside
  • Sun-readable touch monitor
  • Redundant system compatibility
  • Internal battery
  • Embedded PC


Veronte HCS is a high performance Ground Control Station developed to control any Veronte system throughout the embedded Veronte Autopilot. It makes possible to configure the system and monitor the mission from a portable station. This control station supports any of the functionalities available on Veronte autopilots.

  • Joystick connector for manual and/or arcade modes
  • Integrated GPS and datalink antennas for advanced modes of GPS and TM/TC compatibility
  • I/O connector for Veronte Ground (antenna tracking, CAN, RS232, etc.)
  • Ethernet connection for a redundant Veronte HCS or Veronte Autopilot

Veronte HCS installs two 17inch touch screens, with an antiglare treatment for sunlight outdoors use. It permits mission management and video display, besides of any other programs installed on the embedded PC. The ground station is fully transportable by using the carrying handle, having also an internal battery which provides up to 5h autonomy. It is integrated into a rugged suitcase with the following features.

  • Size: 500x405x190mm
  • Waterproof: IP67 (closed)
  • Available colors: black

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Enclosure Polypropylene
Weight 17kg
Size 500x405x190mm
Protection Rating (Closed) IP67
Temperature (No Convection) -40 to 65°C
I/O Connector MS3112E12-10P
Joystick Connector MS3112E8-2P
RF Connectors SMA Jack Female
Power Connector MS3112E10-6P
Communications 1x USB / 1x Ethernet
Color Black
DC Input(1) 15V (250W)
Dual Multi-Touch Display 17"
Two point multi-touch
Sunlight readable
Antiglare protection
Datalink 902-928MHz FHSS DTS / Range 96km / 115kbit/s
2.4GHz FHSS DTS / Range 40km / 115kbit/s
868MHz ISM / Range 15km / 250kbit/s
Any external datalink via RS232/RS485
Embedded Computer(2) Intel Core i5 540M, 2.53GHz
8192Mb SO-DDRIII 1333MHz
Windows 7 Pro
(1) AC Input is possible although the use of an external power converter is suggested.
(2) Computer upgrade options available.

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