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Redundant DC-DC

Redundant DC-DC
Redundant DC-DC
    • High performance DC-DC converter
    • Designed for critical systems
    • Aerospace components
    • High quality manufacturing
    • 1.2 to 15V selectable output
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High reliability DC-DC power converter specially designed for critical systems. Developed using qualified components for the aerospace industry and designed according to the highest industry standards, this system can operate continuously under the most demanding conditions. This high performance Buck  Step DC-DC power regulator, features a wide input range, designed for voltages between 7 and 36V and with configurable output voltage selection between 1.2 and 15V. It is possible to connect several units in parallel for redundancy, and also for higher output current. In this case, all units must be set to exactly the same output voltage. In the highly unlikely event of unit failure, the faulty unit will disconnect and cease to provide current; under no circumstances will it short-circuit the output of the others. Alternatively when powering devices with redundant, multiple power inputs, they can each be powered by a dedicated DC-DC power regulator, hence achieving full redundancy. Most common applications of these regulators are:
  • Unmanned aircraft (UAVs, RPASs) 
  • Ground vehicles (UGVs) 
  • Surface vehicles (USVs) 
  • Robotics
Certification documentation pack is also available (MTBF, critical path...).

Size 30x20x7.5mm
Weight 5g
Input Voltage 6-36V
Output Voltage 1.2-15V (Without exceed the input voltage) Adjustable with the incorpored potentiometer
Output Power 40W
Output Current 5A
Max. Efficiency 0.92
Specific Power 5W/gr
Min. Storage Temperature -55ºC
Max. Storage Temperature 150ºC
Min. Temperature -55ºC
Max. Temperature 85ºC
Max. Temperature w/o Enclosure 50ºC



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