W210 Flying Wing

W210 Flying Wing

Price as configured: 3990 21% Excl. Tax:

  • Ready to fly.
  • More than 2h flight.
  • Custom payloads.
  • Configurable routines.
  • Fully Autonomous.


W210 System

Fully autonomous cost effective solution for high demanding applications. The W210 is a user friendly system with advanced control capabilities.

The W210 is a reliable and versatile system for intensive use operations. Based on the X8 Skywalker, the rugged airframe and the embedded Veronte Autopilot provides the RPAS system with high performance capabilities such as for mapping and photogrammetry.

Long endurance battery installed provides over 2h flight endurance, covering large areas on a single flight, being also possible, to spread mission in multiple flights.

Real time high precision RTK- like positioning module, provides cm accuracy positioning during the flight. This feature combined with camera triggering synchronization strongly reduces post processing tasks and eliminates sync errors and the use of ground survey control points.

Mission Planning

Highly intuitive, user friendly mission planning tool permits to create and record missions in the office or to edit it during the flight.

Mapping Tool
Mapping Tool
Just select an area for mapping or surveying, and enter the desired GSD and overlap
Waypoint Route
Waypoint Route
Draw waypoints on the map as single points or a polygon and set links between them
Custom Display
Custom Display
User selectable background map and telemetry information displayed on the PC / tablet
Flight Modes
Flight Modes
Automatic, assisted manual and fully manual control; any time switch between them
Automatic Flight Routines
Automatic Flight Routines
Customizable routines: camera triggering, payload activation, failsafe modes…
Highly Configurable Mission
Highly Configurable Mission
Speed, altitude, waypoint reach, multi-route load, repeatable missions…
User customizable background map and telemetry displays with NM& W210 mapping drone

Application Examples

The W210 is one of the most versatile RPAS systems available, being compatible with a wide range of operations such as mapping and photogrammetry. Controlled form Veronte Autopilot, it has multiple configuration options for advanced control.

Designed for the most demanding needs on: precision agriculture, crop management, forestry, oil & gas pipeline inspection, mining, construction, resource management, wildlife conservation, firefighting, topography… this drone can effectively perform a wide variety of missions.

Flight output files are fully configurable, being compatible with main aerial image post processing tools: Agisoft Photoscan, Pix 4D, Postflight Terra 3D, Smart Planes Aerial Mapper… being possible to customize the event / frequency record and logged variables: position, altitude, attitude, onboard time, battery voltage, external sensor… or any other variable in the system.

This post-processing software, in combination with the W210 makes possible to obtain: 2D orthomosaics and 3D terrain models, digital elevation model, distances, areas, volumes, contour lines, point cloud, multispectral terrain maps…


There is a wide variety of payload options depending on the operation needs, being also possible to install any custom payload up to 800gr.

Mapping Cameras
Mapping Cameras
16.1, 24.3, 36.4 MP or custom sensors
Multispectral Cameras
Multispectral Cameras
Auto triggering or real time video streaming
Real Time Video
Real Time Video
Visible camera & video transmission system
Carga de pago personalizable
Custom Payload
Cargo release, IR cameras, photogrammetry cameras, sensors...


Safety also makes the W210 differential; installing Veronte Autopilot, the first control system for unmanned vehicles qualified under the aeronautical regulations DO254 & DO178 / ED-12, for hardware and software reliability assurance.

Failsafe routines configuration module makes possible to configure the aircraft behavior in case there is hazard detection: low battery, communications lose, flight outside aircraft envelope, flight beyond safe area…. being possible to choose between a wide variety of actions: go home, go to a waypoint, descend, loiter....

Regarding aircraft reliability, the system has been reinforced with a carbon fiber structure, making it operable on high wind conditions and under light rains. The high quality power system, powered by AXI motors, and advanced onboard electronics makes it one of the most reliable systems in the market.

MTOW 4.7 Kg
Payload 0.8 Kg
Endurance 2h
Max. Speed 110 Km/h
Cruise Speed 80 Km/h
Max Wind Speed 65 Km/h
Datalink Range 42 Km (900 MHz) / 12 Km (2.4 Ghz)
Detachable 3 parts, assembled in 5 min
Take off Hand or catapult
Recovery Belly landing or net
Flight Control System
Control System Veronte Autopilot
Datalink 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz (default)
Mission planning Intuitive map drawing
Pre-programmable and inflight editable
Selectable map (Google, Bing, custom images…)
Mapping & surveillance tools
No go areas
Custom routines
Pre-Flight checks Customizable checklist
Takeoff and landing Fully automatic
Data logging Onboard and on control station data log, with custom information (position, attitude, speed, battery…)
Configurable automatic routines Activation events: Waypoint reach, Altitude, Inside / Outside polygon, Low battery, Datalink quality,...
Automatic actions: Take photo, Release payload, Go to a waypoint, …
Fail-safe routines (user-configurable) Go home
Onsite landing
Go to a waypoint
Keep flying in circles (loiter)
Advanced control features User configurable flight phases
Custom payload control
Precise RTK positioning
Optional Lidar or radar altimeter
Aircraft Specifications
Aircraft Type Flying wing
Wingspan 2120mm
Material EPO with carbon fiber reinforcements
Batteries LiPO 4S
Motor Axi brushless outrunner
Propeller Foldable carbon
Payload: Mapping Camera
Camera Sony Nex 5T Sony a5100 Alpha 7R
Resolution 16.1 MP 24.3 MP 36.4 MP
Camera Lens 16mm
Control Auto triggering
Payload: Multispectral Camera
Camera Tetracam ADC Micro, sensor 3.2 MP CMOS (2048 x 1536 pixels)
Payload: Real Time Vídeo
Camera 600 line, auto day/night mode switch, Pal 976x582
Video datalink 1.2GHz, 1.5W, 3dBi antennas, analog
Type Elastic
Dimensions closed 2150 x 950 x 750 mm
Weight 8.85 Kg
W210 Flying Wing Aircraft Powered by Veronte Autopilot   €3,990.00

Price as configured: 3990 21% Excl. Tax:

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