Flamingo Firefighting

Flamingo Firefighting
  • Aerial firefighting
  • 200l capacity
  • Fully autonomous
  • GPS guided
  • Night operation
  • Performance under adverse weather conditions


Flamingo is a guided civil bomb that flies completely autonomously through the merger of INS / GPS and other sensors. With a load of 200l retardant or extinguishing agent, allows both, direct firefighting and chemical firewall creation.

Flamingo is composed of two main elements, the control unit; which integrates Veronte technology and is responsible for the functions of guiding, navigation and control, and the suppression unit; a housing for the extinguishing agent. It also incorporates a recovery mechanism that allows the separation of the control unit which releases a parachute just before impact, allowing the recovery of this component.

The system is designed for use from cargo aircrafts, not being necessary a modification of the aircraft for using it. To do this, the system has a release mechanism fully compatible with standard 463L pallets.

Flamingo offers several advantages over usual means of extinction:

  • Night operation.
  • Performance in inaccessible areas.
  • Water encapsulation.
  • Accurate distribution of suppressant.
  • Performance in adverse weather conditions and strong winds.
  • Keep human resources away from fire.
  • Fast reaction.
  • Multipurpose aircraft use.
Range (from 13000ft) 3500m
Precision 10m
Capacity 200 l
Surface 100 m2
Retardant Any compatible with polyethylene
Dimensions and weights
Length 2.65m
Diameter 0.4m
Empty weight 21.7kg
Launch system
Pallet 463 L
Number of units per pallet 4
Number of pallets Unlimited (1 on ramp)
Pallet + launch system weight 350kg
Launching configuration
Launching platform Any with rear port and 463L compatible (e.g. C-295)
Launch speed <160 kts
Altitude 8000ft-13000ft
Pitch angle at launch >5deg

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