Configuration Service

Configuration Service
1,490.0021% Tax Excl.
  • Control parameters
  • Flight phases
  • Control channels
  • Custom automatic actions
  • Client requirements
  • Only charged once


Configuration service includes custom Veronte Autopilot settings for an specific aircraft configuration according to client specifications. Simulator tuning is included within the system for adjusting the autopilot performance to the platform. 

Veronte configuration can be installed on as many aircrafts as needed so this configuration only should be performed once for each aircraft configuration. Provided configuration could be modified from the operator afterwards under his own responsibility.

Configuration is provided for adjusting the control parameters to aircraft layout so it can be operated. Veronte is highly configurable regarding control channels and phases; custom configuration will be generated according to the operation requirements for performing the operation: take off, landing, waypoint route, safe mode...

Configuration service is only charged once per platform configuration, according to client requirements. This configuration is based on the information provided form the client and does not include aircraft integration or travel.

Configuration includes: X-Plane model development; wiring diagram support; flight phase, control channel & automations definition and failsafe configuration according to vehicle and mission requirements.
Configuration includes only suport for supported devices. Extra support may be required depending on aircraft complexity.
Remote integration services are only charged on first order.
Remote Configuration
Veronte Autopilot configuration and tuning in the Hardware In Loop simulator for standard vehicles up to 15 Kg.
Remote Configuration Pro
Veronte Autopilot configuration and tuning in the Hardware In Loop simulator for complex vehicles up to 15 Kg and standard vehicles over 15 Kg.
1,490.0021% Tax Excl.

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