Autopilot Mating Connector CS

Autopilot Mating Connector CS
200.0021% Tax Excl.
  • IP68 aluminum rugged connector
  • Joystick and USB connectors
  • 68 pin
  • 19.68" 500mm wire leads 
  • Unipolar wires
  • Bare end wires


Circular mating connector, including USB & Joystick connectors and 50cm wire leads.

It is the main connector of for Veronte Autopilot CS unit, permitting connections not only with external devices managed by the autopilot, but also with ground control stations: the USB connector permits easy connections with computers, while the joystick connector permits connections between Veronte Autopilot for CS and joysticks, for a reliable manual mode control of the unmanned vehicle.

200.0021% Tax Excl.

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